Friends in the Press


Apogee is a journal of literature and art that engages with identity politics, including but not limited to: race, gender, sexuality, class, ability, and intersectional identities. We are a biannual print publication featuring fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. Our goals are twofold: to publish fresh work that interrogates the status quo, and to provide a platform for underrepresented voices, prioritizing artists and writers of color.”

The Black Lion

“The Black Lion is a humble interdisciplinary journal that features articles on Academia, Reviews, Aesthetics, Interviews, and Inspiration, as well as Informative articles on writerly events and experiences. Our mission is to honor and share differing and underrepresented worldviews by overcoming boundaries that oppress and discriminate others based on one’s sex, gender, sexuality, ethnicity/nationality, age, class, and/or economic status. By working alongside writers, readers, artists, and academics, TBL Journal aims to produce content that is diverse, that surpasses traditional molds of authenticity and legitimacy, and that recognizes differing and underrepresented truths and realities. Our goal is to show a strong respect for the written word, for past histories, and for different cultures and art.”


“We explore the art of fiction with a focus on the elements of craft. We feature new and republished fiction, critical pieces on craft, interviews, book annotations, and much more.”


“We care about you, what you write and who you are. We are looking for authenticity of voice and writing that celebrates lived experience, in all its forms. Duende is committed to having a majority of the writers and artists in our journal come from groups that are underrepresented in today’s U.S. literary ecosystem. That is to say, most of the work we publish will be from writers and artists who are queer, non-binary, of color, disabled, immigrant, working class, youth, elder, and /or otherwise from communities that are too often overlooked by literary gatekeepers. To borrow a phrase from the Goddard College opening ceremony, we welcome you here!”

F(r)iction (from Tethered by Letters)

“F(r)iction is different. The brainchild of a ragtag team of editors, artists, and writers, F(r)iction is the best of everything we’ve ever loved. F(r)iction is experimental. F(r)iction is strange. F(r)iction pokes the soft spots, touches nerves most would rather remain protected. F(r)iction is secrets and truths and most importantly—stories.”

Frontier Poetry

“Frontier Poetry began with the simple mission of being a platform for emerging poets—to uplift, to prepare, & to inspire.”


“Founded online in 2004, Guernica is an award-winning 501(c)3 non-profit magazine focused on the intersection of arts and politics. Run entirely by a staff of volunteers, Guernica is also the grateful recipient of federal and private support. A home for incisive ideas and necessary questions, we publish memoir, reporting, interviews, commentary, poetry, fiction, and multimedia journalism exploring identity, conflict, culture, justice, science, and beyond.”

Indiana Review

“Now in its thirty-ninth year of publication, Indiana Review is a non-profit literary magazine dedicated to showcasing the talents of emerging and established writers. Our mission is to offer the highest quality writing within a wide aesthetic.”

The Kenyon Review

“Building on a tradition of excellence dating back to 1939, the Kenyon Review has evolved from a distinguished literary magazine to a pre-eminent arts organization. Today, KR is devoted to nurturing, publishing, and celebrating the best in contemporary writing. We’re expanding the community of diverse readers and writers, across the globe, at every stage of their lives.”

Meow Meow Pow Pow

“If you’re a fan of literature that marries art and graffiti, we’re the guerrilla lit press of your dreams. Meow Meow Pow Pow is a broadside press that takes short prose and poems and creates art to accompany it. Once that art is done, we make it into a free broadside that you can download, print out, and share wherever you want the words to be seen. Wheatpaste it, make it into a paper airplane, crumble it and toss it in the wastepaper basket for an impromptu literature basketball game. We don’t care, so long as you get the words out.”

Split Lip Magazine

“In 2012, J. Scott Bugher founded Split Lip Magazine and Split Lip Press as a venue for showcasing art, music, and film, in addition to the fiction, poetry, and memoir traditionally found in literary magazines. In 2014, Amanda Miska took over the magazine and press, and she began cultivating an active, diverse community of writers and artists. In 2017, the magazine and press became two distinct entities under different leadership to better serve each group of writers and readers. Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice took over as Editor-in-Chief of Split Lip Magazine at that time. Although we continue to share a name, the press and the magazine are run as independent organizations. “

Tint Journal

“Tint showcases original fiction and nonfiction creations by ESL writers including short prose, flash as well as poetry. In view of the diverse backgrounds of our contributing writers, any subject matter which does not violate our values of acceptance and inclusivity is welcome. The journal also features audio recordings of the writers reading their work.”

The Los Angeles Review of Books PubLab

“Established in 2018, PubLab is an annual journal dedicated to promoting access, representation, and creativity in the publishing world. PubLab features original essays, profiles, and interviews alongside literary and visual art. We seek to balance the voices of established industry professionals with the perspectives and ideas of emerging publishers and artists.”

Winter Tangerine

“Winter Tangerine is a literary & arts magazine dedicated to the electric.

“We aim to disrupt the status quo. To amplify the unheard. To account for the unaccounted. To publish the unconventional, confront the uncomfortable, marvel in the mundane. We are unapologetic. We are firm believers in the power of art to transform, to heal, to revolutionize.”

Write Bloody Publishing

“We are grass roots, DIY, bootstrap believers who believe that great poetry changes people for the better. We believe authors should make a living and a way to do that is to create broad fan bases built from heavy touring and great looking books. Our authors are captivating at live readings and are incredible on the page to read. Our employees are authors and artists so we call ourselves a family.”

Educational Resources

Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing at Arizona State University

“Established in 2003 with a gift from the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing is a non-academic university center promoting literature and creative writing in the larger community. We offer readings, talks, classes, workshops, and other literary programs and resources for creative writers, readers, and the public good. While other university centers focus on serving students or faculty, the Piper Center is focused on serving the larger community.”