Word from the Editor

Lise Quintana, Issue 4: Winter/Spring 2014

The first time I heard about Lunch Ticket was my very first residency at Antioch University Los Angeles’ MFA program. One of the graduating students had decided that he wanted to put together a literary magazine that would be run by the MFA students, and the faculty and staff of AULA supported the idea. Lunch Ticket was born.

That first issue, we were all just learning. Some people had never worked at any kind of a publication before. There was so much to learn, and it seemed like we had so little time to learn it. But learn we did.

I had the great good fortune to be plucked from obscurity to head the magazine’s second issue. And then the third, and then the fourth. Now I’m about to graduate and begin my next set of adventures, and I take with me everything that Lunch Ticket has given me, including all the things I’ve learned in my time working as the head of the Lunch Ticket team. Here’s what I’m taking:

1. My vote doesn’t count for any more than anyone else’s.
There’s no one standard of what makes a good story, and everyone likes something a little different. Everyone who has worked on LT has had the experience of losing out on a piece they loved, and of seeing a story that they didn’t like as much get picked up. If you’re a writer, somewhere out there is a reader for your story.

2. Be able to articulate how you feel.
Our voting process demands that editors say why they voted for or against a piece. This means that we have to read each piece carefully enough to understand why we vote one way or another, and think hard about its strengths or weaknesses. It’s been invaluable in my own writing.

3. Whatever you dream is possible.
Every time we start thinking about the next issue, someone comes up with an idea for improvement. Issue after issue, we strategize and prioritize and problem solve, and every issue, we get better despite being on a threadbare shoestring of a budget. Creativity and a willingness to dream big are free.

Thank you, Lunch Ticket staff and readers, for everything you’ve given me. I’ll treasure it forever.

Lise Quintana
Editor in Chief