Caché Owens: Mixed Media

When my mind is racing, I feel like there’s nobody in the world who would possibly understand my thoughts. Despite knowing logically that this is not true, my emotions sometimes take over. It is in these moments that I turn to artmaking, where I create fictional, vibrant, colorful communities of joy and understanding. Worlds that seemingly strengthen my connection to my everyday world.

I am a single mother to a child with special needs and I am a queer woman of color with mental illness. Finding joy and humor in the everyday is itself a radical act. My artwork aims to bring humor, a sense of place, and community together. I want to spark conversation about the power of connection rooted in fun through abstracted images inspired by color and organic shapes. My work is influenced by geographic thought and cartography, and often includes subtle nods to pervasive power dynamics we navigate every day. I play with the idea of “power to the people,” with many references to power, nature, and community, but few representations of people themselves. 

I am inspired by the recurring use of vibrant colors and high contrast through painting and collage, and often a combination of the two. My work is as varied as the communities themselves. For the marginalized, a sense of belonging and fun can be elusive. Finding community and radiating joy in a world that aims to keep you on the sidelines is powerful activism that is hard to ignore. 

Caché Owens is an abstract mixed-media artist currently based out of Charlotte, NC. When not creating, she is working on finishing up a PhD in urban and regional analysis at UNC Charlotte, where she studies community organizing and spatial justice. Caché turned to artmaking out of desperation, when juggling parenting a child with special needs, completing graduate school, teaching two classes, working a fulltime job, and managing her mental health became nearly impossible.