Transfigured Migrations: Mixed Media

Yellow Roses: Digital Collage

Swarm: Mixed Media

The Beautiful Curve: Oil Paintings

Patterns, Cycles, and Change: Oil Paintings

The Complete Madness of Armstrong: Collage

Earthly Visions: Watercolor

Pendulum of Identity: Mixed Media

Super Ply: Mixed Media

Destruction: Collage

Fire, Water, Ice and Snow: Oil Paintings

Fringe Quarter: Photography

SCHOOL LUNCH: Oil Paintings

Mythic City: Oil Paintings

The Garden Collection: Acrylic Paintings

Spatial Awareness: Digital Collages

Faceted Phrases Series: Acrylic Paintings

The Things We Can’t Say: Mixed Media

The Pathetic Start of It All: Mixed Media

Artist’s Expedition: Mixed Media

May Be I Was a Bottle: Mixed Media

After Eagle Drawings: Ink Drawings

New Views of the World: Intaglio Prints

The Sewing Machine’s Text: Mixed Media

Barn Owl Conté Crayon Drawings