No Hidden Portals

Tell her goodbye when you see her because sometimes it’s best to start with the ending & work in reverse. I know a thing or two about phases   said the moon after no one asked it anything at all. I feel bad about the things that I said but also whatever I didn’t. Tell […]

The B-Team

Their pilot Mulligan was only crazy for golf, practicing his swing whenever he could: on the tarmac, in the air, and even while fleeing North Korean groundskeeper cells. Otherwise, plenty of rest and fluids made his world go round, granting the energy and mental acuity to tackle each day’s tasks, like diversifying his retirement holdings. […]

My Secret

Even if I did not dare invite anyone, I still wanted a party—the fountain downtown to change   times, a saxophone to start noodling out of nowhere as I crossed the street past mine or simply   a friend to sit me down at the table of pressed-tin under the striped awnings where chestnut trees […]

Child Reaching For Maps On a Bus

She was three, maybe four years old, ages away from maps and schedules, timers set to govern how late or lost she’d become, how partially found among hours that went by dark and undiscovered.   However, her touch mechanism was already fully formed, activated at birth—the rest of her life would be fine tuning the […]

Leaves Fall, Then New Ones

Through autumn leaves that lift and drop like birdless wings, perpetually rearranging the Public Garden, my daughter cartwheels and sings.   Tourists and policemen on horses tap their feet, clap, toss coins that tumble through the brisk air like brass and copper buttons popping off a worn coat. The attention makes her sing louder.   […]

The Blindfolded Man III

Acting on the belief that anachronisms are talismen, he rode Helvetie’s old elevator (3 people max) up and down at least three times   Once he got off on the wrong floor   Another time he got off to ask the night porter to uncork a local bottle (bought down the street at Mosca Vins) […]

Un Instant Inévitable

Take myself. To know coeur. As us. Tonight. The thorn of to have— What was done before the knife’s plunge. Without breaking the I am for you. That is no pain. Before the sting of flesh, imagine— To be played in the round. Plosion into fragile am, nor along the slightest edge: forsake our collaring […]

Grandma and the Football Team

Grandma didn’t always hang with a football team, sometimes she played hockey or ice-skated with Chinese waiters. It was rumored she went skating on a date twenty years after her husband died.   She was a tall, peculiar bride to Louis who strolled near Orthodox Jews who came to her house to perform miracles.   […]


So many substitutions in this story: stepmother for mother, brother for father, morsels of muffin for little white stones,   and once the oven is hot, witch for boy, and in earlier locations, Gretel for pearl, girl for teeth, take my thumbs for chicken bones,   grandma, take my babies for wolf meat. I’d give […]

Folklore     pg. 2650     Folklore

Begin with the equation: wood = bone. If bone, a rib splintered, branch in fragments. Fabricate from these pieces, the parts for a miniature ship —delicately assemble her through the narrow neck of an oblong bottle (if glass, then skin) to be corked   and kept. From bone, bone; skin, skin. This is the beginning, […]

Actor on a Bicycle in the Sun

We made fun of him when he was young and we made fun of him when he was old   It’s because he was so beautiful when he was young interestingly enough, beautiful when he was old, too   I am not talking about an inanimate object. For example, this candlestick here.   The wick […]

The Geometry of Us

It was that minute in the elevator, that moment when we careened through floors with only a gap of words between us. It was then that I knew the way we watched each other would have to end. It would have to be untangled, like a skein, a section at a time until we could […]

Black Coffee and Skinned Pigs

Before the endless cups of black coffee, you dreamed one night of a plump man the shape of a pear hanging above your bed screwing on a golden penis. “It wasn’t the fact that it was gold that made me wake up in tears it was the fact he was turning it to the left […]