Zamani, Steps to Understanding, 2015, Oil on Canvas, 140 cm x 140 cm

Still Lifelike: Oil Painting

The Color of Envy

Politics and Art

Lilliam Rivera, Author

Chris Feliciano Arnold, Author

Ingrid Rojas Contreras, Author

Sarah Manguso, Author

Isha Sesay, Journalist and Author

David Groff, Editor

Jaswinder Bolina, Poet and Essayist

R.O. Kwon, Author

Maggie Smith, Poet

Two Ways

Sticky Hands, Wild Hair, Bare Feet/ A Sky Right Above/ Father, where is your heart?/ Until death—

Doll Code

Capillary Action

Blas Falconer, Poet

An impressionist painting: From up close, in the throes, the canvas is a blur of colors overlapping, brushstrokes smooth and coarse, repetitive, messy, dizzying, dazzling, dark, and light. But from a distance, the wildness of the expression appears tame. You see the oil painting for what it is: An intricate composition from the paintbrush of a master […]

A Brief History of Drills

When I was in the fourth grade, I was certain the world would blow up in its entirety. The Soviets had nukes—we all knew that—and the prospect of it would send my ten-year-old mind into recurring panics. At night, when I was supposed to be sleeping while Mother and Father watched the television, I would lie awake and imagine a group of men in hats standing over a control panel ready to nuke us […]

Not Yet Five / Mother

With Cleopatra eyes and Sadé skin her words sting clear as Noxema lather:
“Mom, I’m not pretty,” she confesses. “What?” I accuse—“What do you mean,”
I spit and sputter, my mind scrambling to organize an understanding
of this violence she commits against herself […]

Post-Partum Jenga

I almost see myself trip and shatter
us both on the stairs. I almost see
my arms slip and tumble you over
the balcony to crack on the sidewalk
below […]

Hematophogous Creatures


The First One

Tandem: Digital Photography

The Eastern Spadefoot

To a Starving Body

Devan Horton, Dissolve Me, 2019, Oil on Canvas, 30” x 40”

Penchant: Oil Painting

White Man’s Poison