Cloud Glitches

[flash fiction]

We see a glitch in the sky that looks like a pixelated cloud. It bursts into rain, soothing the drought-ridden rainforest, then it implodes.

More glitches appear, raining all over the unusually dry continent. Summer vacationers welcome refreshing relief from sun. Farmers rejoice.

A hacker releases a video taking credit for the rainclouds. She wants her own tropical island in return for saving the country. She gets it.

The source code is released, and others make cloud glitches hail, snow, and change colours. One sells rainbows on demand for events.

Meteorologists and climatologists warn against the use of artificial clouds. One cluster turns into a tornado resembling chaotic Tetris.

Once crops and lawns are green again, people lose interest in rain glitches. The sky returns to natural blue, with wild fluffy clouds.

S.KayS. Kay zaps one tweet at a time on future and fact. She is the author of Reliant, an apocalypse in tweets (tNY.Press Books, 2015), Joy (Maudlin House, 2016), and Spambot Psychosis (2015). Follow her at and @blueberrio.