Daydreams: Digital Photography


Daydreams is a visual diary made of my wanderings in several Brazilian cities. Without commitment to a predetermined theme, this work is a cut from what I produced from 2005 to 2018 in my simple and routine walks with a camera, looking for a photograph. They are opportune moments, scenes, objects, situations, where the composition, contrast, light, and shadow arrive at a common denominator. I see the places as a source of inspiration and imagery production.

Reporter and photographic and visual artist, Guilherme Bergamini is a Brazilian who graduated with a degree in journalism. For more than two decades, he has developed projects with photography and the various narrative possibilities that art offers. The works of the artist dialogue between memory and socio-political criticism. He believes in photography as the aesthetic potential and transforming agent of society. Awarded in national and international competitions, Guilherme Bergamini has participated in collective exhibitions in twenty-four countries.