Destruction: Collage

Artist Statement

In my opinion, modern man has lost himself in the middle of nowhere, a place in which violence governs. Hence, I elaborate this by creating hollow spaces as well as sociological features in my collages, the perfect technique to show meanings of the modern world. I also look for common “collective memory” that could convey the same meanings for everyone; memories that pass through national and cultural boundaries throughout the world. Violence, loneliness, and vanity are subjects that everyone faces in his/her life, nowadays.

I’ve illustrated the tragedies of the modern world by highlighting them, while keeping a vague past in background. My works reject an explicit explanatory strategy. I offer viewers a key to find their own personal interpretations to the feelings that I’ve conveyed in my collages and oil on canvases.

My own psychological makeup, to a large degree, determines the nuances of tones I decide to use in my oil on canvas and collages. I develop a painting’s texture by representing the conflicting relationship between content and form.

My name is Fariba Rahnavard. I was born in 1984 in Isfahan, Iran. I’ve been interested in art since childhood, and started to paint professionally at eighteen. As a student of art and architecture, at IAU of Iran, I’ve been taking advantage of the most professional artists in modern art. Most of my works are in collage and oil painting technique.