Circus Series: Mixed Media

Artist Statement

The Circus Series considers the way in which people are marginalized, objectified, or made to be spectacles for the amusement of others. The work was begun with “Caged Rooster,” a painting created in protest against mass incarceration and the way in which this enormous machine makes a mockery of the humanity it traps inside. The series continues in prints that make reference to the child sex trade, and the way in which perpetrators of child sexual abuse envision children, the objectification of women, and in the way women and their children are weighted and bound by domestic abuse. By seeing abuse in stark terms, it is hoped that the viewer will be compelled to respond with an appreciation for the importance of actively upholding human dignity.

Sandra Antongiorgi is an artist who explores themes of social justice, community, heritage, and abuse in a multitude of media including murals, print making, painting, woodwork, and song. Her work is widely exhibited including within the National Museum of Mexican Art. Sandra was born in Puerto Rico and resides in Chicago with her family.