2020 School Lunch Archive


On nights like this, I’ll watch Hoarders to learn/unlearn empathy (for my mother). I love them, I cry with them, and I think I understand. Sitting criss-crossed in a pile of clothes, I fix ramen, wait (for you) to come home […]

Spotlight: Harth rem ir Estevan is Dead

Harth rem ir Estevan is dead. It is the first time that I have read The Left Hand of Darkness, and I find that I have fallen for the brisk, deep honor of its principal nation, Karhide, and the empirical myth of its glacial world, Winter. In this place that LeGuin has created, an immaculately curated, textured oral tradition sits with craft and tact, unfurling honor clean and easy like butter.[…]

Spotlight: Grave Danger Sonnet

I’ll tell you this: my house burned easy, quick
as locusts gun through fields. The desert hummed
a warning. No, I did not stay. I stick […]

Spotlight: Beautiful Like Us

We’re fourteen years old, with pudgy cheeks, flowered Converse and crooked teeth. It’s the summer before freshman year, and we’re lounging on couches in my living room with our eyes narrowed at the TV screen. My best friend, Lindsey, sighs quietly and says[…]

Spotlight: The Fort Jackson Dam Can Take No More / DICTIONASARUS / Roman Prelude #1

What’s left is
the local newsreels;
the WLTX women staring pixelated […]

School Lunch: Time Zones

The day after he left the city, I fluttered awake feeling gloriously pretty. The night before had been so surreal, so bittersweet, that just thinking about it made me a little dizzy. And he was supposed to call soon. I looked down at my fingers, reminding myself that they had touched him just hours before, and realized that they were shaking.[…]