Spotlight: Pro-Anti

Artist Statement

The Icon is an emerging American digital visual artist. With a love for cartoons and fun imagery, Izosceles discovered their adoration for artistic expression at a young age. Their works are colorful in nature; however, some have deeper tones underneath the playful, digestible surface. Growing up on cartoons as a child is what inspires their bold lines and imaginative colors that pull you in, and the realistic nature and themes are what make you stay. Their current body of work, under the title Pro-Anti, explores the underrepresented and marginalized people of the world, giving them form and existence in a world where they are not visible.

American visual artist-illustrator Izsosceles produces vibrant, fun, and pop-ish digital visual compositions that are irresistible and attention-grabbing. Izsosceles had been drawing since a young child, heavily influenced by pop cartoons that they have carried with them into adulthood. The artist hopes to make cartoons and fun visuals a serious contender in the art world that are just as worthy of admiration as fine art paintings.