Still Lifelike: Oil Painting

Artist Statement

Regarding the subject of my works, I should mention they are still lifes that remind us of urban life—of the relations and happenings in it, or even origins and conditions that lead to an occurrence. The works begin with making an installation, which is a formalistic and symbolic feedback on encountering this information, and the reason for this encounter is rooted in my childhood games. Next, this installation is the reason for my painterly search—the place where I use nature and its characteristics in order to change it; the place where visual relations form nature, not stories and happenings.

Sourena Zamani (b. 1990, Tehran, Iran) received his BA in painting from Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Faculty of Arts and Architecture. The prenatal period of each body of his works begins with the installation of a model. His works focus mainly on experimentation with forms, colors, colored forms, and energy of colors. Since 2013, he has had five solo exhibitions: Still Life, Still Lifelike, Still Life: Act/Transparency, Still Life in China, and The Invasion. His works have been shown in more than fifteen group exhibitions in Iran, Europe, and Asia in the past eight years. He currently lives and works in Tehran.