Spotlight: The Flat World

Artist Statement

There are two worlds those with the privilege of portable technology inhabit, merging yet still distinct. There is the dimensional world of a body in space, weight supported by bones, and the flat world of instant ideas which one can access through devices. My work observes the intersection of those two worlds; it is an anthropological document, a snapshot of now. The use of printmaking techniques juxtaposes outmoded yet enduring methods of image generation with the transient nature of images on the screen. The creation of the work does not involve any digital processes, each layer of each artwork is hand done, thereby contrasting the remove of the digital with the intimate of the body.

Veronica Ceci

Photo: Geoffrey Berliner

Veronica Ceci prints her works on paper at Flatbed Press, where she also collaborates with other artists to create lithographs from stone. Ceci’s pieces have been included in recent group shows at the IPCNY, The Cleveland Museum of Art, and The Silpe Gallery, and are held in notable collections including The Zuckerman Museum of Art. She received her BFA from MIAD, studied at the Tamarind Institute, completed her MFA at Kent State University, and founded the Flash Collective. Her solo exhibition “Expanded Icons” will open in July at the Bone Black Gallery.