A History

Artist Statement

I need to tell the stories of African American people’s history and accomplishments in hope of strengthening and building confidence in the community. I examine the precious moments that have been erased from our timelines and that need to be brought back, such as their backbreaking work and the unforgivable wrongs they endured. I also want to celebrate the triumphs of creating a culture that reaches back and marches forward together.

My work gives a visual voice to those stories and it captures the beauty, strength, and truth of a people during uncertain times.

Karen J. Anderson is an artist, writer, photographer, publisher, and filmmaker. She believes stories can be told in many ways, and she uses a variety of methods to uplift, inform, and educate African Americans and people of color. She is working on her masters at the School of the Arts Institute in Chicago in new arts journalism. Her work has been shown in a school group exhibition on domestic violence and in a group online gallery for Shanti Arts. Her work has been published in an anthology of artists in the Genre: Urban Arts No. 8 Print. Her Instagram is @BlackGyrlArt.