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Issue 16: Winter/Spring 2020

Editor-in-Chief: Amanda Lopez
Managing Editor: Sara Voigt
Associate Managing Editors: Loumarie Rodriguez and Dele Lowman Smith

Chelsea Bayouth, Numerology, 2018, Ink on Paper, 11

Chelsea Bayouth, Numerology

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Natalie Truhan
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Victoria Chang and Bernadette Murphy
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Daniel Bellm
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Karen Drudi

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Interview Editor: Sara Voigt
Interviewers: Ale Cruz, Barbara Fant, Regan Humphrey, Alexis McCadney, Liz Netto, Janet Rodriguez, Dele Lowman Smith, Buffy Visick, Sara Voigt

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Genre Editors:

  • Amuse-Bouche: Sona Gevorkian
  • School Lunch: Andrea Auten
  • Creative Nonfiction: Kristine Kimmel
  • Diana Woods Memorial Award: Rochelle Newman-Carrasco
  • Fiction: Jennifer Ly and Anna Vangala Jones
  • Flash Prose:Alisha Mercier
  • Gabo Prize: Sona Gevorkian
  • Poetry: Jake Bailey and Barbara Fant
  • Translation: Sona Gevorkian
  • Visual Art: Andrea Auten
  • YA/Writing for Young People: Adrien Sdao

Assistant Editors:

  • Amuse-Bouche: Kathryn McClain, Kira Sears, Michael Sellar, Debbie Wright
  • School Lunch: Kate Carmody, Adri Sdao
  • Creative Nonfiction: Hilary Jacobs, Buffy Visick
  • Diana Woods Memorial Award: Hilary Jacobs, Kristine Kimmel
  • Fiction: Lisa Croce, Noel Ortega, John Treat, Debbie Wright
  • Flash Prose: Molly Ashline, Isabella Errico-Dossi, Kathryn McCain,
  • Susan McCarthy, Megan Vasquez
  • Gabo Prize: Horacio Mancilla, Liz Netto
  • Poetry: Ale Cruz, Marina Durand, Kim Ellingson, Josh Ryan
  • Translation: Liz Netto, Janet Rodriguez
  • Visual Art: Kim Ellingson, Andrew Kadar, Aldo Puicon, Josh Ryan, Susan Yoshihara
  • YA/Writing for Young People: Caitlin Coey, Alisha Mercier, Shannon Rogers

MFA Program Chair: Victoria Chang
MFA Faculty and Staff: Bernadette Murphy, Natalie Truhan, Daisy Salas