Lunch Ticket is a production of the Antioch University Los Angeles MFA in Creative Writing program.

Current Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Regan Humphrey
Managing Editor: Ahsan Butt

Santa Catherine De Siena , 2018

Staff Advisor:
Natalie Truhan

Faculty Advisors:
Victoria Chang and Lisa Locascio

Faculty Translation Advisor:
Daniel Bellm

Web Designer & Consultant:
Sky Esser / GoodWebWorks

Graphic Designer:
Sue Limsukonth Selzer

Blog Editor and Weekly Content Manager: Barbara Platts
Bloggers: Amanda Woodard, Ashley Russ, Karen Gaul Schulman, Ben Lewellyn-Taylor, Bob Kirwin, Gail Vannelli, Franz Franta, Julz Savard

Book Review Lead Editor: Regan Humphrey
Book Reviewers: Ashley Russ, Caroline Shannon Karasik, Ariel Lawrence, Samantha Rahmani, Erica Colon, Skyler Fontana, Julz Savard, Barbara Platts, Gail Vannelli

Interview Lead Editor: Regan Humphrey
Interviewers: Nick Galvez, Barbara Platts, Caroline Shannon Karasik, Erica Colon
Guest Interviews Contributed by: John Treat and Shannon Rogers

Marketing and Communications Manager: Cari Ebel
Marketing and Communications Team: Nick Galvez, Anne Kwun, Tracey Simmons, Erica Colon

Web Team Manager: Lizzy Young
Web Editors: Julz Savard, Caroline Shannon Karasik, Samantha Rahmani, Erica Colon

Proof Edit Manager: Amy Mills-Klipstine
Assistants: Manzi Grant and Emery Ross

Genre Lead Editors:

  • Amuse-Bouche: Dan O’Leary
  • School Lunch: Kelly Hower
  • Creative Nonfiction: Ben Lewellyn-Taylor
  • Diana Woods Memorial Award: Ben Lewellyn-Taylor
  • Fiction: Ahsan Butt
  • Flash Prose: Gail Vannelli
  • Gabo Prize: Kirby Mages
  • Poetry: Ashley Russ
  • Translation: Kirby Mages
  • Visual Art: Franz Franta
  • YA/Writing for Young People: Bob Kirwin

Reading Teams:

  • Amuse-Bouche: Ashley Russ, Samantha Rahmani, Kirby Mages, and Lizzy Young
  • Creative Nonfiction: Karen Gaul Schulman, Caroline Shannon Karasik, Skyler Fontana
  • Diana Woods Memorial Award: Karen Gaul Schulman, Caroline Shannon Karasik, Skyler Fontana
  • Fiction: Nick Galvez, Anne Kwun, Ian Sewell, Lisa La Rose
  • Flash Prose: Cari Ebel, Kirby Mages, Ariel Lawrence
  • Gabo Prize: Anne Kwun, Loumarie Rodriguez, Franz Franta
  • Poetry: Annisa Hale, Ariel Lawrence, Lisa La Rose
  • School Lunch: Gail Vannelli, Laura Newcomer, Loumarie Rodriguez, Lizzy Young
  • Translation: Anne Kwun, Loumarie Rodriguez, Franz Franta
  • Visual Art: Phillip Clapham, Annisa Hale
  • YA/Writing for Young People: Amy Mills-Klipstine, Julz Savard, Ariel Lawrence