Tuxedo Cat sitting on a black and white quilt with sunlight through blinds.

How to Kill a Cat, or How to Prepare for CATastrophe

I have killed my cat a hundred times. In my head. Please don’t call PETA. Let me be clear. I love my cat more than I love most things in this world, and I believe that the only way I can keep anything bad from happening to him is to imagine all of the ways he could die.

Michaela Emerson

Point Break & Top Gun Are More Than Homoerotic Action Movies

I’m trying to convince my friend to watch the film Point Break (1991). She doesn’t believe me that it’s one of the greatest (and sexiest) action movies out there. Our conversation goes something like this:
“Do you like watching hot men stand a little too close to each other when they talk and act like they don’t have a hard-on for each other?”

Jemma Leigh Roe Headshot

On Such a Full Sea Are We Now

At the beach house, Mama cooked whole crabs alive.

Through the steam, we watched them slowly seize up

and stiffen like the dead fish that washed ashore

the day you cut your foot on shattered glass.

When sand stuck to your weeping wound, I couldn’t clean it

I’ve Stayed in the Front Yard

My father never drank except at Christmastime, I’ve
never seen a brown bottle drain until I was seven, stayed
at my grandmother’s house and knew the skank smell of alcohol, in
winter where cigarette smoke looks ghostly, the
ash tray a black patch of night, he sat on the steps in front