Lunch Ticket is a production of the Antioch University Los Angeles MFA in Creative Writing program.


Issue 1: Spring 2012

Editor-in-Chief: Raymond Gaston
Managing Editor: Allie Marini

Genre Editors:

  • Fiction: Robert Egan
  • Poetry: Daniel Reinhold
  • Creative Nonfiction: Christine Buckley
  • Writing for Young People: Jane Monteagle
  • Art & Graphics: Raymond Gaston

Assistant Editors:

  • Fiction: Kathleen Rohr, Tom Stock-Hendel, Wendy Kobylarz, Lise Quintana, Nicolas Franklin, Ben Rogers, Helen Akers
  • Poetry: Kolleen Carney, Don Campbell, Janice Ko Luo, Lise Quintana
  • Creative Nonfiction: Kristen Schroer, Lalanii Grant
  • Writing for Young People: Crystal McGhee, Catherina Knerr
  • Art & Graphics: Ashley Perez, Crystal McGhee

Promotion & Distribution: Catherina Knerr
Faculty Advisors: Jenny Factor, Steve Heller, Bernadette Murphy
Staff Advisors: Audrey Mandelbaum, Howie Davidson