Lunch Ticket strives to provide a platform for emerging and underrepresented voices. We do this not only by publishing the finest works of literary and visual art, but by uplifting new and extraordinary online writers into the light of other prestigious publications. You’ve had a taste of our weekly samplings. You’ve filled up on our main entree issues twice a year. Now, we present a course made by the best of the best Lunch Ticket creators.

The Sonder Review
Best Small Fictions 2018

She is a Battleground by Nancy Au

Because You are Dead by Denise Tolan

Sundress Publication
Best of the Net 2016

Down by The River to Pray by Lois Ruskai Melina

The Half-Buttoned Effect by Saeide Mirzaei

Million Writers Award 2016 Notable Stories

The Parable of Nick Burns by Danny Judge

Current Nominations

Sundress Publication
Best of the Net 2019

On the Importance of Young Adult Fiction by Jennifer Brody

True Passion in Paradrise by Sumayah Chappelle

Letters From My Childhood by Luz Pinilla

Weight by Nicole Burney