Acabando Nos Vamos

Artist Statement

Fetishism noun
fe·​tish·​ism | \ ˈfe-ti-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfē-  \
Definition of fetishism
1: belief in magical fetishes
2: extravagant irrational devotion
3: the pathological displacement of erotic interest and satisfaction to a fetish

nombre masculine
1: Culto a los fetiches o figuras que representan un ser sobrenatural.
“muchas culturas primitivas practicaban el fetichismo”
2: Admiración exagerada hacia una persona o una cosa a la que se otorgan unas virtudes extraordinarias.

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The personas we apply to the occupations that we take for granted everyday are inseparable from the job itself because of our own indolence towards learning anything different. In one context, the “sexy pool boy” is sought after. In another, he is seen as an insignificant “job stealer.” This series pairs the two perspectives that represent how Latinos are traditionally characterized and asks the viewer, “Do you want us here, or not?”

Los personajes que ponemos a las ocupaciones que no apreciamos todos los días son inseparables del trabajo. Ensí esto es debido a nuestra propia incapacidad para aprender algo diferente. En un contexto, se busca al “chico sexy de la piscina”. En otro, es visto como un insignificante “ladrón de empleos”. Esta serie combina las dos perspectivas que representan cómo los latinos se caracterizan tradicionalmente y le pregunta al espectador “¿Nos quieres aquí o no?”

Noel Becerra

Noel Becerra is a Texas based photographic artist. Born in Abilene, TX, to Mexican immigrants, his work is influenced by his family culture and his experiences as a Mexican-American in the South. His work explores themes of human behavior in relation to contemporary events and issues. Throughout his images, Noel focuses on relationships between colors and the ephemeral realities that form through these relationships. Noel is currently working towards a photography and marketing degree at Baylor University.