Artist’s Expedition: Mixed Media

Artist Statement

My house dustbin is where I check often for disposables, and when I go out I comb through disposables littering all around. I picture them on my surface and how they will look, the taut of their freshness and rawness alone ignite my imagination.

As an experimental artist, when I create with only pigments I am never gratified; there is always an urge to go multimedia in my medium of expression—introducing disposables around in my painting. The use of only pigments is not enough; the use of wasteful objects are so natural and entertaining—like watching my audience thrilled by the recycling ideology.

I am always on an adventurous journey to explore my fears and strength. A journey to the unknown but with an aesthetic end.

Eghosa Raymond Akenbor

Eghosa Raymond Akenbor is a painter/fashion designer living and working in Benin City, Edo, Nigeria. Born in 1982, he holds a diploma in microbiology from the University of Benin, 2004, HND qualification in painting and general art from Auchi Polytechnic (Auchi, Edo) 2008, and a post-graduate in education from the Nigeria National Teacher’s Institute (Kaduna) 2014. At present he is a fine-art teacher in a secondary school in Benin City.