The Complete Madness of Armstrong: Collage

Artist Statement

As an artist who strives for uniqueness, my motto has always been, “Be a master of your own movement,” because I believe individuality breeds creativity, and this has led me to the path of collaging. Being an artist has been a great experience for me, specifically, and being a collage artist has been breathtaking!

It all began with picking vouchers from the streets and knocking on doors requesting old calendars and magazines just to collage. I would say I wanted to master a new medium because oil colors were pretty expensive and putting a huge dent in my pocket, and I saw paper as an alternative. As I began to master this new medium, I asked myself one thing, which was, “Wouldn’t it be an amazing feat if I created one of the world’s most intricate portraits using paper?”

My works are influenced by my environment and have been able to address societal issues such as corruption and child abuse, amongst other subject matters. I would say what makes my works standout is the ability to trick the eye into believing they are observing an art piece done with the impasto technique because of it textural appearance.

Agoreyo Oke Meidevo Armstrong was born in Nigeria in the late eighties; he is known for the distinctive way he portrays his figures by using extremely tiny cuts of paper. He believes he is creating a template in which nature can explore his creativity. Armstrong, as he is popularly known, has been able to carve a name for himself as the only collage artist in Nigeria who has been successfully able to cut and blend his extremely tiny pieces of paper to create a sublime and interesting feel for his audience’s eyes from afar. He enrolled at the University of Benin in 2011, where he obtained a BA in fine and applied arts. Armstrong’s career as an artist spans over ten years, during which his works have been marketed by galleries, both locally and internationally. He has participated in several workshops, art competitions, and group exhibitions, which has grown his fame as NOT JUST an artist, but a collage artist.