Congruence – Pen & Ink

Artist Statement

Navigating the world with PTS and depression often renders me paralyzed; stuck in a place between grief and acceptance; speechless. Through art, there is a negotiation in meaning and understanding. Often unspoken.

The medication I take to help offset symptoms also, frequently, results in tremors. In creating these pen & ink, line and contour drawings, I wage a battle. Not only against the wordless oppression of trauma and grief but against the very mechanism meant to restore me.

I call this collection Congruence.

C. L. Taylor is a PNW-based BIPOC LGBTQIA+ artist/writer whose work has appeared in Typehouse Literary Magazine, Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, Versification, and upcoming issues of Anti-Heroin Chic, and Roulette. In her spare time, she chases mindfulness and often falls asleep in savasana pose.

Twitter: @ctaylor