Dreams and Fantasies

Artist Statement

Human’s specific dreams and mindsets may be the result of his efforts to recognize and discover memorable ambiguities. Mental engagement and imaginary images are unpleasant in some cases; however, by taking a closer look at the daily activities, some behaviors are made based on the integration of mental imaginations and normal states forming people’s moods, which indicate the indirect effect of dreams on the social behavior of modern human beings. The painter takes advantage of this process by trying to include his mental imaginations in his daily affairs to create his works.

What I’m always trying to create in my artworks is perhaps creating a sense of an imaginary space unintentionally linked to personal aspirations and enduring the hardships of life in today’s modern artworks. Today’s human beings feel comfortable with their non-historical past, but during an ideological process and in deep connection with social events, the nature of these dreams changes and they are abstract.

Today, we all strive for greater wellbeing to have favorable conditions. However, the current situation unintentionally leads life towards futility and emptiness, going so far as to make the person unable to continue this unknown way. In this materialistic world, inner transformations are more considered by today’s man and he tries to leave unattainable goals in this material life seeking his inner self. Perhaps he is always looking for the meaning of life.

Mohammad Reza Shirvanizadeh was born in 1976 in Aran and Bidgol, Iran, and is an art researcher and painter. His father was a map designer of hand-woven carpets, and Shirvani became acquainted with the design of colorful carpets as a child in his father’s atelier. As his evasive morale from school and trainer’s strictness, he was also sensitive to local legends, especially imaginary creatures, in a way that his nightmares were full of the mythical presence of unknown creatures. To escape his childhood fears, Shirvani found imagining and designing in his father’s atelier relieving. He believes that these imaginations are reflected in his works today. His work can be found on instagram: @shirvani_gallery