Spotlight: Fabric of the Cosmos, & Other Paintings

Artist Statement

Garduño realized how essential geometry is in his work, as it is found in the forms and the symmetry of his compositions. The patterns created by geometry also help the human mind to find order in the world around us in order to create the space needed to find balance and express our emotions. He uses sacred geometry, a lifestyle based on nature, and the harmonic division of space and perspective that grows from a central focal point geometry. He uses the repetition of images and repeating patterns in different contexts in a drawing to transmit and connect all details of both previous drawings and new. This is also representative of the way people in society use mimicry and imitation, whether through clothing or personality, to conform to social norms. Garduño tries to preserve the integrity of the idea of drawing, omitting color, because color can influence the perception of the viewer. For Garduño, each day of drawing presents an exciting challenge.

Gerardo GarduñoGerardo Garduño was born in 1978 in Mexico City, Mexico. Since early 1995, Garduño has used a varied monochromatic composition. In his drawings, he uses a repertoire of traditional Mexican iconography and ordinary objects mixed with intricate geometric patterns on surreal themes to construct a symbolic language that explores the complex relationship between human perceptions and impossible worlds. He uses pencil, ink, and acrylic paint on paper as a medium. His artwork has been exhibited in Mexico and the United States. Garduño lives and works in Boston, MA. Visit him on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or at his website.