Human.Male.Black.: Acrylic Paintings

Artist Statement:

Lyle Rushing’s pieces are a study of the intersectional nature of the human experience, topical events and living while black. The exhibition entitled “Human. Male. Black.” celebrates the universality of the human experience while also investigating the ways in which black men are regarded while navigating through everyday life and emotions. Rushing aims to celebrate and uplift the black experience, while also giving visibility to the emotions often overlooked and not associated with masculinity at large and black male masculinity in particular.


Lyle Everett Rushing (l. everett) is an award-winning Los Angeles based artist. He was born in Monroe, North Carolina. He attended the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and served honorably in the US Navy. Lyle has an utter fascination with the humans and the “life” experience, with considerable consideration given to the often-overlooked moods of men. Lyle wonderfully captures life’s moments with his works on paper, canvas, and most recently with acrylic on wood. He creates art pieces that are at once arresting and moving. He has had solo shows in Los Angeles. His pieces have been featured in galleries in New York, North Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, and California. His pieces are in private collections across the country. He is represented by TAG Gallery, 5458 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA and is a member of LAAA/Gallery825, 825 N La Cienega, CA.

Photo Credit: Kengi Carr