Journal Drawings Early 1500s: Pen and Ink

Artist Statement:

This set of drawings captures events from my life by using symbols to bring out the universality of an event while obscuring the specific details of what has occurred. I seek to evoke specific emotions with the audience but welcome them to attach their own specific meaning to my work. There is humor to my work that can be described as a melancholy revelation. It’s a kind of humor one encounters as one ages from childhood to realize certain truths in the world or that once-held beliefs were just conjured by one’s own imagination.

Rolfe Bautista graduated with a bachelor of fine arts from Colorado State University. Currently, Rolfe resides in and creates work from Loveland, Colorado. Rolfe is focused on creating small narrative drawings that are inspired from daily events. He strives to elevate the importance of the mundane because it is the routine events of every day in which we spend most of our lives.