Light Garden: Digital Art

Artist Statement

There is one consistent and energizing love that connects us all in this strange and sometimes overwhelming place called the human experience. In my work, I try to convey that connection. I want to show that the love between living things can be felt in any moment. By showing relationships between people, animals, and objects in images, I want to give viewers a taste of the pristine peace that lies within all of us, if we stop thinking long enough to feel it. To set aside the chaotic nature of the analytical mind and be joyfully present is possible for us, no matter how our lives have been shaped in the past.

As a self-taught artist, mother, and wife, my work is intuitive and open-ended. I produce art in the little moments that pepper the bigger, more pressing events of my everyday existence. Making money, building relationships with my family members, and taking care of a home are my reality. Making art is my spiritual practice and passion. I hope my work radiates an energy that surpasses the boundaries of the frame.

Noel Clark creates colorful art and illustrations that depict people, nature, and shapes to unwind and reconnect with her spiritual self. She draws inspiration from scenes of her own family life, as well as the life she sees around her in her career as a speech-language pathologist who spends much of her time travelling around the northwest side of Milwaukee, WI. She was born and raised in rural northern Illinois, where she made art frequently as a child. Primarily self-taught, she enjoys using a variety of mediums, but has the most fun working digitally. She currently lives with her husband and two daughters in Shorewood, WI.