MANDEM: Mixed Media

Artist Statement

“Project Hippolytus” is inspired by a Greek myth: Asclepius, the patron of medicine, raises the boy Hippolytus from the dead. Zeus is angered by this, and he strikes Asclepius down with a thunder bolt. Our century seems to think that fear of the powers of technology is entirely modern, but this is one of many myths demonstrating that this concern is far more ancient. My work deals with liminal issues, blending the lines between genders and between humans, animals, and machines. I am fascinated with the ability of art to suggest narrative while simultaneously withholding it. This piece is part of a series called “Notes from a Time Traveller’s Journal.” When displayed at shows, the print is intentionally damaged and distressed, hinting at a disastrous story that cannot truly be deciphered.

MANDEM’s work deals with transmutation and evolution — capturing the metamorphic moments of life where everything changes, and telling the stories of multivalent, multi-textured, variegated things. With an academic background in classical and medieval studies and critical theory, this formerly self-taught artist is now enrolled in the studio art MFA program at Florida State University. MANDEM’s work can be found online at