Artist Statement

My art is mostly inspired by Haitian artists or memories of my country as well as the Impressionist era. You’ll find that most of my artwork is faceless because I associate them with my fading memories. I’ve always found it hard to remember faces and features. My other creations come to me in flashes or my dreams. I have a wild imagination that I can’t seem to be able to tame. My paintings are acrylic on canvas while my drawings and illustration may vary from ink to Copic markers to digital drawings.

T.j. Philippe is a Haitian artist who lives in Hungary. Her artwork is inspired by her home country and Impressionist art. She loves to get lost and discover unexpected things. Coffee and music are her eternal companions. Her work has been published in a number of literary magazines such as Kithe Magazine, Sadgirlsclub, The Worthiculturalist, and Montreal Rampage. Some of her paintings are currently exhibited in Colors of Humanity.