Natural Media Watercolors

Artist Statement

With my current body of work I incorporate watercolors using unfinished glasses of wine, day old coffee, and other recyclable water media. I layer this natural medium with vibrant chalk pastels, neon colored pencils, or bright embroidery thread to create undulating structures and textures in a simple, fairly vacant space. The structure of the form is heavily inspired by occurrences in the natural world such as growth patterns in plants and symmetry/asymmetry. I often incorporate a figurative form, which is usually only hinted at and not quickly recognizable. The subject is commonly a female figure that is enveloped by augmented masses with indistinct forms. I’ve always been interested in the female figure and representing it in a way that conveys various ideas and concepts.

Rachel JoobRachel Joob received her BA in Studio Art with an emphasis on Painting/Drawing from CSU Sacramento in 2012. While in school she collaborated with classmates organizing art exhibits at an artist run gallery. She has collaborated with writers and poets in the online zine Inklinations, and is currently working with her brother, Nick Maurer of experimental instrumental band Winter/War, on a poetry and art publication. She grew up in a small town in Southern California and currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and 4-year old daughter.