One Mind’s Imaging into Another: Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I believe that art making is a primary language that we are born with and is the means by which we communicate our creative impulses. My paintings strive to speak this language to those who are still fluent and to those who might have lost some of the words but still recognize the pitch and flow. My vocabulary originates from personal images that are based on my memories, culture, and experiences and they intrinsically justify their own existence, however, they are not bound by the privacy of my experience, and as a language the symbols I use are fluid and personal to each viewer. I fight daily against the stagnation of ideas and emotions and I continually strive to grow and expand my practice to be fresh and authentic by utilizing my intuition. I believe that intuition is the height of logic because it forces me to work outside of how I might naturally conceive a given painting based on my beliefs and current mood. As such, my conscience painting process is not impacted by how I frame my daily experience and this allows me to freely explore my creative impulses.

Margaret WithersMargaret Withers is a Brooklyn based artist. Her work explores the physics of paint and the conflicting ideas of joy, melancholy, isolation and alienation in regards to the concept of home and communication. Originally from Texas, Withers has exhibited her work throughout the country and extensively in New York City, Massachusetts and Texas, and internationally in Brussels, China, Vienna and Russia. Her artwork is included in multiple private collections and has won numerous awards including a 2013 resident fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center and the Millay Colony, and a 2013 USA Project Grant.