Paintings: San Francisco Inside and Out (+ one of Sienna night) – Acrylic

Artist Statement

White reflects all color. Look at a “white” wall and concentrate.
You will see browns, blues, yellows, magentas and infinite shades of reality. All colors absorb light, reflecting a single hue back to the observer, except black. Black absorbs all light. It rarely occurs in nature, and only then in minerals. I never use black paint, instead I use mixtures of umber, acra, and phalo blue, which look dark but unlike black, draws the viewer into the painting. All pieces are acrylic on canvas.

E.E. King is a painter, performer, writer, and naturalist. She’ll do anything that won’t pay the bills, especially if it involves animals. Ray Bradbury called her stories, “marvelously inventive, wildly funny and deeply thought-provoking. I cannot recommend them highly enough.” King has won numerous various awards and fellowships for art, writing, and environmental research. She’s been published widely, most recently in Clarkesworld and On Spec. She’s on Tangent’s list of best short fiction of 2019 and 2020. Her landmark mural, “A Meeting of the Minds” (121’ x 33’), can be seen on Mercado La Paloma in Los Angeles. E.E. King has also painted murals for Escuelas Para La Vida in Cuneca, Spain and in Tuscany, Italy. Check out paintings, writing, musings, and books at:;