Playing Fields: Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Using a maze game as a visual metaphor, I explore social relationships, choice, and chance. The game is itself a map, a simplification of a terrain. The game’s geography allows for a simple and abstracted representation of an environment, and the complexity of the possible interactions and transformations contained within. Surfaces are composed of stacked layers of imagery, each separated by a thick resin. Through this formal and material process, I stratify the visual elements in space as encapsulated moments of time, and create a super-low-relief flatland of the game world. The game builds upon time, change, and experience—with the goal of learning and development along the path.

Matthew Thomas Clark

Matthew Thomas Clark is from the Southern United States and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in sculpture, at Western Kentucky University. After completing his undergraduate degree he ran a non-profit craft academy in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. He holds a Master of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in painting, from Arizona State University. He practices an intermedia approach to art combining photography, digital illustration, graphic design, painting, digital modeling, and animation. His work has been shown throughout the United States and internationally. Clark is currently working as part of the collective Clark Miró.