Illumination and Night Glare: Oil Paintings

Artist Statement

My current body of work, most recently seen in the exhibitions Oh Trust the Echoing and The Darkness Beyond Tomorrow deals primarily with themes around portraiture and the figure. The paintings use thickly handled paint and rich colors to address the physical and metaphysical aspects of the human form. The figures that populate the scenes become the focus of fictionalized situations with the intention to provoke human understanding of identity by transposing time, culture, and ideology. Through painting, I hope to merge socio-economic and political themes with my personal experiences of living with the residue of a racially divided American South.

Thony AiuppyThony Aiuppy received a BFA in Painting/Drawing in 2010 and an MFA degree in Painting in 2013. He is an art educator and a contributing writer for the blog Metro Jacksonville. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida.