Recent Work: Mixed Media Sculpture

Artist Statement

Jere Williams, Maxims of Sculpture, 2012. Giclee print, 36 x 13 in.

Maxims of Sculpture, 2012

While the pieces included in this collection are from different bodies of work, all of them are concerned with philosophical investigation: the process of defining and knowing, symbol systems and identity. My objective is to create conceptually and emotionally perplexing experiences.

Rock No.1 and Rock No.2 are recent examples from an ongoing series of sculptures that use seats (chairs, ottomans, and stools) as markers for taking a position. It is important to note that found rocks are higher in the stacks than are the cast concrete “stones.” The molds for the concrete castings were pulled from a piece of quarried granite. In Rock No.2, the stool cushion is wood (walnut) and the upholstered lounge chair is cold cast bronze.

Phone No.1, and Phone No.2 are concerned with being compelled to stop talking, to cease the endless dialogue (or running monologue), by necessity and to listen to something natural. The handset in Phone No.2 is resting on a piece of slate.

Tablet and Version X6PM42 and are sculptures from a series of text-based, conceptual artworks. Tablet is actually a photograph (exhibited as a giclee on canvas) of a concrete casting. The expression in braille is a question concerning the first dimension. Monk is a digital work derived from a photograph of a monk pouring sand from a mandala into a river.

Maxims of Sculpture explores the consequences of vanguard sculptural practice.

Jere WilliamsMr. Williams graduated from Georgia State University after completing work on an MA degree in philosophy in 2000 and an MFA degree in sculpture in 2002. In addition to showing work on a national basis, Williams has taught courses that range from The Philosophy of Art at The Atlanta College of Art to 5th grade visual art at The Collegiate School in Richmond, Virginia. His artistic interests are similarly broad. In 2012, Williams received the Richmond ASID/IIDA Interior Design Excellence Award (1st Place) in the custom furniture category, and in 2013 he put together a solo show of conceptual pieces at the Page Bond Gallery in Richmond, VA. His most recent published work appeared in a special edition on printmaking in the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism (Winter 2015).