Portfolio: Mixed Media

Artist Statement

My studio practice focuses on the creation of artworks in a variety of media with an emphasis on hand-sewn hair drawings and watercolors. The artwork reflects contemporary notions of gender issues and feminism. These areas of study offer a fluid perspective on female history and the subsequent impact on social structures. The imagery used is appropriated from art historical depictions of women and re-contextualized to produce a contemporary meaning. My artwork examines the impact of popular culture on the female psyche and its relationship to art history and society in general. I am interested in the correlation between violence, the sexy and femininity. There is something disfiguring about a woman holding a weapon. The sight runs counter-intuitive to “mom & apple pie.” The veracity of the pose refutes the notion of “sexiness” and the form of the female figure becomes contorted with a sense of the uncomfortable.

My artwork is figurative from fragments to whole figures. It focuses on the materiality of the female body. The body is a medium of culture. In some artworks the isolated and silent body parts of the breast and the buttock communicate to the viewer in a provocative language. They speak about sexism, ageism, eroticism and maternity. I address these sexualized forms with a concentration on volume, weight, and imperfections of the flesh.

Rosemary Meza-DesPlasRosemary Meza-DesPlas is an artist from Dallas, TX. She works in watercolor and creates drawings by hand-sewing human hair (her own). She received her MFA (Painting) from the Maryland Institute College of Art and her BFA from the University of North Texas. Her work is included in these collections: Art Museum of Southeast Texas, El Centro College, and Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction.  She has exhibited at Espace Kiron in Paris, France, Actuel’Art Lagalerie, Paris, France, A.I.R. Gallery, NYC, NY; ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL; and the Center for Latino Arts, Boston, MA.