SCHOOL LUNCH: Oil Paintings

Artist Statement

I am a figurative painter whose imagery is informed through personal experience, imagination, and direct observation. The paintings comprising the SCHOOL LUNCH series present images concerning the nature of relationships. My goal is to create humanistic awareness in a framework that is universally recognized.

The SCHOOL LUNCH series is a pictorial essay of contemporary student life in real educational settings. Contemporary cross-cultural issues and their emotional attitudes are explored in the shared experience of school lunch. SCHOOL LUNCH was generated from direct observation, drawing on location, afternoons in the lunchrooms of NYC as well as surrounding-area high schools. SCHOOL LUNCH has expanded to include university and college campuses.

As part of the college exhibitions, I am often invited on campus as a “resident/visiting artist.” This engaging opportunity allows me access to a wide scope of activities to record visually (e.g., La Guardia Community College’s Salsa/ Jazz Festival) and create drawings at the event, including the interaction of students and musicians. As a visiting artist, I offer presentations, workshops, discussions, and critiques to engage the students in the “curriculum beneath the curriculum” experience.

SCHOOL LUNCH underlines the perceptions which affirm cultural identity, brings together ideas espousing contemporary concerns, and encourages a belief in the quality of human spirit. My objectives include continuing to forge a bridge connecting a multi-cultural society with achievement through cooperation and the tolerance provided by a positive visual model.

Lisa DeLoria Weinblatt is a native New Yorker who grew up in the East Village, received her BA magna cum laude with art department honors from Queens College/CUNY and her MFA at the School of Visual Arts (New York City). She has been awarded six national artist-in-residence scholarships throughout the US, and has received the Grumbacher Gold medal for her painting.

Lisa’s two painting series, SCHOOL LUNCH and A MAN/A WOMAN, have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, with recent solo shows at The Morristown Administration & Records Building (NJ), the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts (PA), the Waterworks Visual Arts/Museum (NC), the Woodstock Museum (NY), and the Andrews Art Museum (NC). Past shows included the Karr Center (NY), Institute of Technology, (NY), La Guardia Community College (NY), Passaic College (NJ), and the Karpeles Manuscript Museum (NY). The Nabisco Corporation Gallery featured SCHOOL LUNCH in Faces of America: Celebrating Diversity & Multiculturalism for Black History Month.

Stephanie H. Plunkett, the chief curator and deputy director of the Norman Rockwell Museum (MA), comments, “Weinblatt’s ability to transform specific experiences into powerful images which communicate to a broad audience is nothing short of extraordinary… remarkable paintings.” Dennis Wepman, curator of the Karpeles Museum, states, “Weinblatt incorporates a dynamic narrative in her paintings, implicit of the energy and tension of personal interactions…”