Spotlight: Selections from Leisure Seizure

Artist Statement

This work has been selected from an ongoing series, Leisure Seizure.

Theres a lot of weird stuff out there, some of the objects were created to promote long gone businesses, abandoned building projects or doomed theme parks. Some of it is simply an act of whimsy.

I see my job in this mess as a collector, a preserver, but also my role is to try to emphasis the presence of these objects or places … So forget about the truth in fotos crap, I’m no documentarian. I’m there to isolate the object, either pulling it out of its context or adding a piece of text  that skews one’s understanding  of what your seeing.  I place these images on a pedestal, albeit with a mild but gentle sense of irony.

This body of work deals with a passion for the weird.

Bob DeBrisBob DeBris was born and raised in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. ‘THE SHWA’,  for those in the know. He studied film and photography at the Banff Center, Humber College, and Connestoga College. He also attended the  College of Creative Studies at the University of California in Santa Barbara, as well as  a brief unhappy stint at Cal Arts.He has taught photography at the UCSB Art Dept. as well as The College of Creative Studies and run numerous  student programs for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. His work has shown in places as varied as The McCord Museum in Montreal, to the shopping carts of the Safeway in Santa Barbara. His photographs have been featured in Juxtapoz, Rolling Stone, The Oxford American, as well as book covers for Daniel and Daniel, Norton Press, and New York University Press. For thirty years, he has been photographing interesting road side attractions, old signs, programatic architecture, mobile monuments, and funky miniature golf courses . He has been concurrently shooting burlesque dancers, women’s roller derby, Mexican wrestlers, Hispanic Easter pageanteers, gay pride parades, snowbirds in the deserts of California, folk art installations, Cher impersonators in Vegas , Elvis impersonators at Graceland, space aliens in Roswell, ventriloquists at Venthaven, So Cal civil war re-enactors and of course numerous people inside his own mobile monument to true love, “The Palace of Love.” His work can be found on line at or