Signs of Life: Mixed Media

Artist Statement

The art in this series, Signs of Life, is a project that began in 2014, when I became keenly interested in paranormal and occult connections. Some of the questions I found myself trying to answer through the books and media I consumed were: What makes us people? What do we believe in? How are we connected by the invisible systems we create and participate in such as astrology, numerology, religion?

In this series, as with others, I explore illustrations of many male, female, androgynous, and beastly figures floating nude or partially nude, as that’s how we arrive, in a liminal space. Characterized by either words of declarative belonging, expressions of sadness, mania, and joy, or by their often abstractly rendered bodies, they are immersed in stars, connected by telephone wires, surrounded by numbers and symbols, or the viewer sees them with x-ray vision, peering into their organs and bones.

The line quality and pops of color consistent in this series are inspirations gathered from the childhood memories of animated films, which lend a playful quality to otherwise eerie subjects.

Chelsea Bayouth is a writer and artist from Los Angeles with a BFA from CalArts. Her poetry, short stories, and illustrations have been published with BOAAT PRESS, The Rattling Wall, Broad!, Roanoke Review, and others. She has worked on Robot Chicken, SuperMansion, Mad TV, Spy vs. Spy, Buddy Thunderstruck, and Rick and Morty, as a fabricator and puppeteer. Her personal art has been shown around Los Angeles at iam8bit, Gallery1988, Art Share L.A., Creature Features, Pehrspace, and Carlos Queso Gallery, among others.