Spotlight: From Text to Abstraction

Artist Statement

Ana mainly explores and depicts themes that have a social element, applying elements of tactile reality such as collage and found objects to issues and situations (non-materials, intangibles) to the reality of today’s society. She is interested in exploring how perspectives work with human conditioning starting from the communication of an idea through language, symbols, signs, and images. She thinks that debating the structure of society is in many ways conditioned by the structure of language itself.

The communication of an idea can be researched and studied through artistic works. Both how a text in or as an artistic work exists and the legibility or illegibility of that text will change the perception of it. That change in perception also changes the boundaries of the different roles within the work, the transition from specific to abstract, the paradox of the text like non-visual art, and the familiarity between all the roles. Couris writes that “the appearance of the letter does not destroy the image. We’re used and developed in parallel, frequently adding each other up. Reading the letter allows creation of mental representations, images. On the other hand, every image announces story in some way. The language in both cases is visual.”

The artist is part of a social society, or a participant in a cultural or education elevation of people’s own self. Successful communication of an idea is the basic need for erudite enlightenment of the being. The image and letter have been and will continue to be tools of this transformation. The works exist as an experiment to investigate and give insight into all the meanings, and even non-meanings, in relation to text:  communication, image, abstraction, experience.

All of the works, except for one drawing, are hand pulled prints made with traditional techniques.


Ana Jovanovska was born in 1991 in Macedonia. She got her Master’s degree in traditional printmaking and graphic design from the Faculty of Fine Arts – University Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, in 2016. Attaining a scholarship, she spent a semester studying abroad attending École supérieure d’arts & médias de Caen/Cherbourg in France 2013-2014. She had nine solo exhibitions, and over eighty group exhibitions around the globe.