Spotlight: Into the Fifth

Artist Statement

Into The Fifth speaks to the force of a paradigm shift, as I experience the world transitioning from one dimension to the next. During the creative process, I experimented with sculpture, photography, homemade activated charcoal paint, ceramics, 24k gold, and collage, allowing my creative process to flow through me, without or without thought. In each painting, I leave the background victim to individual interpretation, as a means to give the subject the power to create, build, tear down, and manipulate the world behind them, surpassing an idea of royalty, conveying a sense of godliness from each being. The choice to paint these subjects as melanated men and women is, was, and will always be a deliberate one. It reflects the desires I have for myself as a spiritual being living a natural experience, striving to stay in constant contact and communication with who I was before I was Nneka Osueke.


A true visionary of her time, multidisciplinary artist Nneka Osueke splashes her imagination on across the canvas, creating themes of Black empowerment, spirituality, and the exploration of the unconscious mind. A first-generation Nigerian, born and raised in Dallas, Texas, she illustrated her own handmade books at the age of five, picked up the paintbrush at age nine, and sketched her first fashion designs at age eleven.

This innate appreciation for art and style led her to Sam Houston State University, where she received a Bachelor’s in fashion merchandising. Fresh out of college, Nneka  moved to Los Angeles, California, to begin her career in design, but on a path of plot twists, found herself pursuing a Master’s in clinical psychology.

Chasing new endeavors, she remained true to her nature as an artist, and, as a result, discovered the golden bridge between her purpose and her passion—merging painting, fashion, and therapy together. Known for her effervescent spirit, strong work ethic, and ever-evolving aesthetic, Nneka continues to use art, clothing, and the promotion of mental health as avenues of self-expression to inspire others and shine light on important life topics.