Nightingale and Nature


A brief idea about “True Love and Nature”: A nightingale had laid three eggs in a nest of a small Christmas plant at my house. Since then, the nightingale cared for all three eggs. There was no direct participation of her male partner, but he used to visit occasionally. She ate flowers from my pomegranate tree in the backyard, as well as some other things.

The nightingale and nature are close. The nightingale shows the immortality of nature. The song and passion of the nightingale is as true as “Truth.” Nature is innocent, equal, and democratic. William Wordsworth has revealed this fact in his poems.

The nightingale hatched the eggs and three children took birth. She used to give them water from a nearby pond and food from nearby locations. Her male partner now brings and serves the food and water to them. They are busy in doing so.

Their activities show that they have the same love for their children which we human beings have—the sense of service, mercy, compassion, sympathy, trust, and love. They have trust in us that each year they do the same and we enjoy the nestmaking and their breeding.

Aha! Human beings have the same passion. I wish we would have practiced the same passion in our lives! There would be no bloodshed and violence in the world.

The fire of sectarianism, extremism, terrorism, and fascism is challenging all mankind for life in the future, and it is swallowing all virtues and moralities of man. Now man has become cannibal—one is hungry for another’s blood. The world has become hellish.

Aha! Man should take a lesson seeing this artwork and should adopt love for making the world a love-land. Aha! All mankind should come ahead for abolishing sectarianism, extremism, terrorism, and fascism from the world.

Ujjwal Sagar is an emerging Indian artist and author. He is a student of class XII in The Aryan International School, Varanasi, UP, India—son of an Indian author and professor of English—grandson of Jagdeep Mahto, a highly reputed gentleman of his clime—intellectual grandson of ex-professor Ram Bilas Singh, well-known for his scholarly contributions. He originally belongs to Bela, Aurangabad (Bihar). Writing is his hobby. He believes in good habits for a good society—good working for the world full of love, peace, rest, truth, and nonviolence. Mahatma Gandhi is his ideal. His previous work of art, entitled “Nightingale,” has appeared in Abstract Mag TV and has gotten high commendations. His second work of art “Natural Healing Nightingale” has been accepted by The Perch.