Spotlight: Political Art and Paintings

Artist Statement

My body of work is called “Motherstime.”

I am inspired to paint out of the need to tell a story or record a period of time others may choose not to recognize. My topics of interest are often personal, involving my role and struggles as a woman in American culture. My political paintings touch topics such as equal rights, women’s rights, gender identity, war, environmental catastrophes, and the consequences of plastic pollution on the environment. My desire is to educate the audience through the use of a visual narrative. Through painting, I found a voice to talk about human behavior and find beauty in the face of decay of the planet.

These are my recent topics. I am hoping my work will bring about awareness and change in daily life, and bring another perspective to the audience.

Dara Herman Zierlein is a political artist and is continuously using her art to advocate awareness in the world. Her paintings are of current issues focusing on social justice, animal rights, women, equal rights, and plastic pollution. Dara’s large watercolor paintings have been exhibited & published internationally in Mom Egg Review, Resist Vol. 2, Grab Back (NYC), 1 Million Women (Australia), The Earth Issue (London), and Demeter Press (Canada). She is also illustrating regularly for The Rumpus, a literary forum. Her political posters are frequently used in universities like Golden West College, California, Mass College of Art, Boston, Whitworth University, Washington State, and other educational institutes. Recently, Dara was on the cover of the Valley Advocate for an article called “Purging Plastic.” Her first children’s book is being published with Green Writers Press, called Don’t Eat the Plastic.

Photo Credit: Roberto Mighty