Spotlight: In Search of Treasure

Artist Statement

I live in Los Angeles and spend a lot of time exploring in nature when I’m not working in the studio or teaching. Regardless of what medium I use, my work has a whimsical quality and embodies my love of the outdoors and my awe of the natural world. These pieces are from a large collection of hand cut collages entitled, In Search of Treasure. In this ongoing series, I explore our universal human relationship to landscape using mineral specimens as both physical and metaphorical terrain to be contemplated, explored, protected, and to inspire feelings of awe. Conservation, connectivity, and Eco-psychology are the core concepts that drive my work. I hope to inspire the viewer to go outside and explore their own internal landscape as they interact with nature.


Brooke Sauer grew up traveling around the United States as a child and ultimately landed in Los Angeles to receive degrees from Otis College of Fine Arts and the Art Center of Pasadena. Her love of nature has caused her to put down roots in Los Angeles where she can escape to the mountains, desert, or forests year round. Brooke has worked as part of the collaborative duo B&T for over a decade, and has returned to her solo practice in the past few years with a new voice that has been informed by her experience as a painter, video maker, and performance artist. In her newest series of hand cut collages, In Search of Treasure, Brooke captivates the viewer with her carefully crafted palette of jewel-toned colors and characters that leave us longing to join them in their adventures.