Spotlight: The Curious Mind

Artist Statement

I really like to poke people’s brains. From business, to family and friends, and even love [especially love], the core foundation of all things boil down psychology, and the workings of the brain. I think the human mind is a bizarre and peculiar place. As fragile as it may be, it can become an unbelievably powerful force. It creates and imposes meaning from conjured ideas, and interestingly, skews our view of the world, as well as ourselves in a remarkably distorted, yet sentimental way. This is what inspires the subject matter of my stuff most of the time. I’ve always been fascinated by how the world seems to be viewed so drastically differently by everyone compared to myself, and I can’t help but wonder and imagine: what could they see? How different is their reality from mine?

Like most children, Mikhail has been drawing since he could grip a pencil, and simply never stopped. At a point in his childhood, Mikhail discovered the creative potential of computers, specifically Photoshop–eventually leading to a proficiency in graphic design.

Dozens of freelance projects honed his skill as a graphic designer, eventually reflecting onto his art. The process of condensing an idea with minimalist simplicity had influenced his illustration, and he began to utilize bold geometric elements, often focusing his entire composition on a single subject, much like a graphic or logo.

Fascinated by anthropology, psychology, and the strange workings of the human mind, Mikhail explores notions of the subconscious through surrealism and glitch-art.