The Natural Skin of Geometry

Artist Statement

By definition, the grey area is the mixing of different characteristics or the lack of clearly definable characteristics. In this collection, I have attempted to do both, by merging and mixing three of the things I love most about art. These are: nature, skin tones, and geometry, as a whole, that is found naturally in both. Aesthetically, I have always loved the endlessness of what can be created in the spectrum that is found between black and white. This collection is birthed from that love; I hope you enjoy it.

As the creative director, photographer, and brains behind The Slim Creative, J Robertson not only creates functional and multi-purposeful design elements to help take brands and businesses to the next level, but also shoots photography that truly captures a moment in time. J loves to shoot what he feels and to mold it into works of art that truly expresses that feeling. Being a creative, J believes that building a unique relationship with clients and muses is the best way to begin the creative process. With his formal education in design, he not only has the technical knowledge and skills to handle any project, but the experience of just living life and loving people that fuel his creativity. Find and follow his work on Instagram.