Spotlight: We the WOMEN of Changing Girls

Artist Statement

I consider my work a contemplation of the contemporary image. I create through scribbling twisting and interlacing lines creating this mass of interesting shapes. A vital expression is then released and an innovation of an image emerges. I enjoy delving into the psychological portion of my mind through drawing and sometimes feel a lot like society’s “Outsider Artist.”

With no real starting direction when I meet the page, I let myself go freely into creating lines, never once caring or orchestrating the final outcome. When I am assured that the lines are complete, I then see what emerges. Sometimes a bold female face but most times the complete image of a female form. I then focus and dive into the different line forms that come through the page where I have created random lines. Sometimes I put the lines that I have created aside for a few weeks and then return to them and continue to work with the images that now appear; other times I complete the image in an hour or two. I always involve color with my pen and ink images and this portion takes much longer. Again, I do not predetermine what colors to employ; rather I freely select colors from my color palette. In creating my images, the best way for me to describe it is that I work directly from my “mental” eye.

Once I have completed my images, I listen and then an individual title emerges or sometimes a title never does. The group series title We the Women of Changing Girls was created in this manner.

I enjoy working in my studio using pen and ink and now I am including mono printing. Still, no matter what medium I choose, I am interested in seeing how my lines created randomly takes a solid physical form that in an odd wild manner expresses itself.

I am inspired by or through almost everything, the good the bad, sounds and fashion, food and music. There is something interesting in everything at least that is what I believe.


Starr Page is a Baltimore based visual mixed media essayist and video artist who contemplates the contemporary image. She studied and earned her BA and MA. Currently she is studying to earn her MFA at MICA. Starr has illustrated and published her book titled Illustrations and Poetry Talk. Some of her other work is in a book titled Chicago Tales. Starr also interned at the Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute-MCI and exhibited in group and solo shows in Chicago, Washington D.C., New York, Baltimore, and Russia. Besides finishing school, she continues to examine, research, and explore through her images.