The Exploration Series: Multi Media & Oil Paintings

Artist’s Statement

I create art because I feel like there are so many amazing cultures, experiences and worlds that I don’t see in the media and the art industry. The purpose of my art is to show the world a perspective that is unrepresented. I am an Illustrator and a Fine Artist. Even though they are both different fields, I incorporate and infuse the two together to develop my own style. Politics plays a major role in my work, and is something that I continue to explore everyday as our world continuously evolves. I prefer to discuss issues with subtlety and ambiguity. My favorite art works have always been pieces that left me perplexed but kept me thinking. Tackling politics can be a heavy task that many people are not open to, however I feel the purpose of art is to expose people to experiences that they might not have ever explored or thought about.

My work is inspired by not only my experiences as a Black woman, but my spirituality as well. I am heavily influenced by what we cannot see, but what we feel. Everyday I work towards producing work that shows Black culture in a new light, and opens people up to a side of my culture that they haven’t seen. I gravitate towards art that is sublime and finds a balance between beauty and darkness. Beauty is an important element in my work; however beauty without meaning or strangeness doesn’t appeal to me. Color also plays an important impact in my work. I strive to utilize color in unexpected way in regards to culture. There are certain cultural colors that have history and meaning and I break that mold to show Black culture in a new light. As I mature and gain more experiences and explore the world the concepts in my work continue to do so as well.

Grace Lynne

Grace Lynne is a painter and illustrator based in Los Angeles. Her work is centered on her experiences as a Black woman, and her spirituality. She is very inspired by what we cannot see, but what we feel. She works towards showing Black culture in a new light, and open people up to her culture in a way they haven’t seen. Grace’s work gravitates towards the idea that true beauty is always strange, and must have meaning. As a young artist still growing, every year her work takes on a different form and she continues to strive for new artistic discoveries and experiments. (Photo Credit: Nicole Taplin)