Artist Statement

I make work that centers around animals. In particular, I’m interested in the ways we use animals to generate knowledge—as scientific models; metaphors, stories, and representations; as companions or servants; or as tools for defining ourselves. I direct my explorations of animals and knowledge through existing research from other fields, such as ecology, evolutionary biology, psychology, literature, history, or anthropology. My work spans a variety of materials and processes, typically coming together in complex installations that include objects, images, and texts. I simultaneously work on stand-alone drawings or collages. Regardless of the media choice, I view all my work as drawing—a record of an effort to understand the subject through description, representation, and exploration.


Maria LuxMaria Lux earned her MFA in Painting/sculpture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2012, and her BFA in Graphic Design and Studio Art from Iowa State University in 2006. She currently lives and works in Champaign, Illinois.